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Are guests welcome to eat with the residents? What do you charge for a guest meal?

Yes, guests are always welcome to eat with the residents, but we request that you give us 24 hours notice so that we may be prepared with enough food at that meal. Guest meals are $5.

What is not included in the monthly rate?

All medications (which are billed by the pharmacy), incontinence supplies, toiletries, guest meals and all professionals that come into the facility to see the resident, such as podiatrist, physical therapist, etc.

What does "all-inclusive" mean?

All-inclusive means that we charge a flat rate for all services and amenities. This ensures residents receive the care they need and families don't have to worry about additional charges for care. This also allows for easier budgeting.

What can a resident bring with them to Bamboo Villas?

We strongly advise against bringing family heirlooms or jewelry that cannot be replaced. Furnishings are provided, but residents are welcome to bring items to decorate their room. All clothing should be labeled with a permanent marker or sewn labels. Personal toiletries should also be brought. Residents will be required to fill out a property or "belongings list" upon move in.

Do you accept couples?

Yes, we welcome couples.

Do you provide respite care?

We have a respite care program to assist family caregivers who need a break. For a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 30 days, your loved one can enjoy the comforts of home while giving you the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is well-cared for and is in a safe environment. All paperwork is required to be filled out prior to admission.

Can I use the doctor of my choice?

Of course, we recommend you select a local healthcare provider with whom you feel comfortable. Our facility has excellent rapport and communications with physicians and nurse practitioners in our area.


We permit and honor DNR orders in the facility. We keep the DNR order in the resident’s file and we give a copy of this order to the responding emergency medical personnel and identify the resident as the person to whom the order refers.

What is the admission process?

Admission into Bamboo Villas will be a simple approach. The Administrator will work hand and hand with the resident and family members to ensure a smooth transition as well as lessen any anxiety that accompanies an unfamiliar process. Just remember, we are here to help you.

  1. The first step to admission at Bamboo Villas is to complete our application for residency and submit it back to us. You also will need to schedule an appointment with your doctor so that he or she can fill out the health assessment (form 1823) and submit it back to us. (We cannot make our final decision until we have received and reviewed the completed form 1823).
  2. Once we have received and reviewed the application for residency and health assessment (form 1823), an appointment will be scheduled for you to come to the facility.
  3. During your appointment, the Administrator will meet with the potential resident and family members to discuss the application for residency, health assessment (form 1823), make sure you meet the admission criteria, give you a tour of the facility, introduce you to the staff and residents, and answer any questions you may have.
  4. After approval of all requirements, a move-in date and a time to fill out all the paperwork can be set. We can either visit you at your home or you can come to the facility to do the paperwork.
  5. The day of admission to Bamboo Villas should be an easy one. Our staff will be available to assist you with all aspects of the move-in process. Family and friends are welcome to stay and help out in any way possible.





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